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Abbey Road References

Abbey Road References

The Reunion project involves many references to Abbey Road, probably more than to any other album by the Beatles. Well, I give you one guess to figure out which is my favorite Beatles album? You can also see a reference to this fantastic album on the cover illustration for this website and the whole Reunion project.

Collection of Pictures Spoofing Abbey Road Album Cover

Just the number of spoofs is mind-blowing. I don’t think any other album cover in history was imitated so many times by so many different people.

I’m pretty sure you’ve seen many of these, but maybe not so many and not in one place. By the way, you might have seen and/or have a different one not in here. There must be many many more. I would appreciate if you show it in comments or send to me to include.

The sheer variety talks a lot about The Beatles effect on the popular culture all over the world.

Please, enjoy:

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Thank you for browsing and again, I would appreciate if you share another one or few in your comments or email to me at oskar@thereunionproject.com.

Here’re some new findings of this extraordinary album cover spoofs: