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The Beatles Themed Reunion Podcast Project: What Is It About?

Reunion Project Logline The Reunion project is a Beatles themed podcast about an aging Beatles fan who, unsettled by a friend’s passing, returned to his former communist country and reunited the Beatles cover band of his youth to win back his first love he was forced to leave decades ago. This is an Audio Drama podcast, with professional actors voicing […]

The Reunion Project: Beatles From Behind The Iron Curtain

From behind the Iron Curtain, in the U.S.S.R. or its Eastern European satellites, we viewed the Beatles very differently than the fans from the Western countries. For the fans behind the Iron Curtain, they were some kind of cultural, or even anti-cultural icons from the very start. For starters, the communists have outright prohibited them and there was no way […]

The Reunion Project: Dreamscapes

Widlovsky, the main character of The Reunion podcast, once in a while is dreaming or even daydreaming. His favorite Beatle appears to be George Harrison, even though he loves and respects all other Beatles. But his fascination with George Harrison is the reason Widlovsky’s dreams take on some Indian mythology features. There are even recurring Indian deity characters which take […]

Abbey Road References

The Reunion project involves many references to Abbey Road, probably more than to any other album by the Beatles. Well, I give you one guess to figure out which is my favorite Beatles album? You can also see a reference to this fantastic album on the cover illustration for this website and the whole Reunion project. Collection of Pictures Spoofing […]