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Music for the Reunion Podcast Project

Music for the Reunion Podcast Project

Music for The Reunion podcast project includes some of the well known Beatles songs as well as some of the less widely known. Each of the solo careers of Paul McCartney, John Lennon, George Harrison and Ringo Starr are also represented by some deep tracks. For obvious reasons, we are not listing the songs which are used in the Reunion podcast. We’d like to surprise you.

In addition, as this podcast is about Beatles fans and a Beatles cover band, therefore we include quite a few excellent covers.

Besides the Beatles, I love the blues. And of course, the bluesy tracks by the Beatles are some of my favorites. We reflect this fact in the musical spectrum of the podcast, plus a couple of blues numbers which speak to the story.

And in addition, music for the Reunion podcast project include some songs by musicians, who were in the Beatles’ close circle of friends as the Reunion story requires.